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Employment Contracts

22nd Oct 2018

In Ontario, most workplaces are regulated by the Ontario Employment Standards Act (2000), which sets break times in the workplace, among many other things. The only break guaranteed to employees under the Employment Standards Act … Read More

Most workplaces in Ontario are covered under the Ontario Employment Standards Act (2000), which contains provisions about vacation and vacation pay. For workplaces covered under the Employment Standards Act (ESA), workers with less than 5 … Read More

5th Oct 2018

Marijuana in the workplace can be broken down into two categories. Recreational use and medicinal use. Recreational use: Workers should expect the same rules to apply for marijuana in the workplace with regards to recreational … Read More

17th Sep 2018

Being involved in a conflict of interest within an employment relation is grounds for dismissal. This is because an employee has an implied duty of loyalty and good faith when providing service so that the … Read More

If a court were to analyze any terms of the employment contract in a case for damages, the court would seek to determine whether the contract was enforceable. One key question asked during this analysis … Read More

6th Sep 2018

Here is the recap of our live broadcast with Daniel Lublin answering questions about severance and other employment  law issues in the workplace.

5th Jul 2018

The main effect of termination clauses is to limit a possible much greater notice payment at common law, which is why rigorous standards have been enforced by the courts as of late. Over the past … Read More

14th Jun 2018

Ontario’s Pay Transparency Act, 2018 will become effective on January 1, 2019.  The law will apply to all provincially-regulated employers in Ontario and create the following new rules: All employers’ publicly advertised job postings must … Read More

13th Jun 2018

Companies offering strictly freight-forwarding services on a national basis serve to organize shipment countrywide by using modes of transportation that are not owned by the company themselves. Such companies simply coordinate the shipments of their … Read More

8th Jun 2018

It is important to avoid mistakes when administering a severance, as it may lead to further damages or compensation if challenged. When dismissing an employee for anything other than misconduct, employers owe at a minimum … Read More