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Fired workers still have legal options

September 7, 2007 | No Comments

"Great services are not canceled by one act or by one single error."– Benjamin Disraeli Here are six factors to consider if you’ve recently been dismissed: Severance: If legal cause for an employee’s termination is … Read More


Don’t forget your makeup artist

September 5, 2007 | Comments Off on Don’t forget your makeup artist

Time for Lawyers appearing in the Ontario Court of Appeal to prepare for their closeup as the court will begin broadcasting appeals on the internet. In the Toronto Star article, Attorney General Michael Bryant described … Read More


Road rage lands Newfoundland man in the slammer

September 1, 2007 | Comments Off on Road rage lands Newfoundland man in the slammer

Going beyond the recommendations of crown and defense attorneys, Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Court Judge David Power sentenced 24 year old Matthew Flemming to 7 months in jail.  According to the CBC, Power described Flemming’s … Read More


Former employees should understand their options

September 1, 2007 | No Comments

"Getting fired is nature’s way to tell you that you had the wrong job in the first place." – Hal Lancaster, The Wall Street Journal Creative employee-side lawyers and their clients are continually challenging the … Read More


New Ownership a Boost for Steel Town Employment?

September 1, 2007 | Comments Off on New Ownership a Boost for Steel Town Employment?

United States Steel Corp fresh off the purchase of Hamilton steel powerhouse Stelco, has informed union leaders that the new ownership will be investing upwards of $100 million into the operations. The move is said … Read More


August 27, 2007 | No Comments

"If winning isnt everything, why do they keep score?" – Vince Lombardi, NFL Coach As in any lawsuit, success or failure in a wrongful dismissal case is predicated on a combination of the facts of … Read More


Squeegees get wiped

August 27, 2007 | Comments Off on Squeegees get wiped

It’s official, Canada’s Supreme court will not entertain an appeal towards an Ontario law limiting panhandling and banning "squeegee kids". It appears now that Canada’s pierced and transient will have to search for other forms … Read More


A hasty resignation can be costly

August 16, 2007 | 3 Comments

"We only part to meet again"– John Gay Seldom do employers bother to sue their ex-employees. But the tables are turned when a hasty resignation proves costly. Few have heard of a lawsuit for wrongful … Read More


Breach of policy has serious penalties

August 13, 2007 | No Comments

Ray Agosta literally took company policy into his own hands. Captured on security cameras and spotted by a loss prevention officer, Agosta was caught taking five items to his car he had not checked out … Read More


Worker fired for not admitting blame

August 8, 2007 | No Comments

It is not open to an employee to simply refuse to obey a direction from a supervisor. The decisive question is, however, whether or not the request was reasonable.
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