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Seeking Assistance: Employment Lawyer vs. Government Appointed Officer

When an employee is terminated, they are often owed a severance package unless the termination was a result of misconduct that justified a dismissal. Where the severance package contravenes minimal entitlements under the law, an … Read More

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Can an Employee be Dismissed for a Single incident of Insolence or Insubordination Towards Management

Being rude, disrespectful, or insubordinate towards a superior within the workplace is subject to disciplinary measures. Under common law, discipline must be proportionate to the misconduct and also be intended to correct a behaviour rather … Read More

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Age and severance packages

Age has been noted as an important factor in determining severance.  When potential job candidates seek employment, chances are the younger candidate will have better chances of obtaining employment versus the older candidate. Readers of … Read More

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