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Health and Safety: Can a Corporation be held Criminally Negligent for the Conduct of Supervisors?

Upon other employer duties relevant to health and safety, the duty to provide competent supervisors may be the most important. An employer may have all the requirements of a safe workplace, however, having a supervisor … Read More

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Medical Marijuana Use in a Safety Sensitive Workplace: Can an Employer Deny an Employee Use?

Medical marijuana may be prescribed for several medical reasons. Under human rights law in Ontario, workers have a right not to be discriminated against on the grounds of ‘disability’ which encompasses illness. The use of … Read More

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Know your rights: Health and Safety regulations take a more prominent role in the workplace

Though many of us know that there are provincial regulations regarding health and safety in our workplace, few realize what those specific rights and regulations are.  Knowing and understanding your rights at work is the … Read More

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