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Multi-National Company in Various Jurisdictions: Which Employment Laws Apply?

When a company has more than one location in jurisdictions with different employment legislation, typically the jurisdiction in which a particular employee works will also be the law that applies to their employment contract. This … Read More

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Employment Contract – What to Include and Why

A written employment contract is essential for employers and employees to minimize future disputes and the risk of costly litigation.  If properly drafted, an employment contract will clearly out the respective rights, obligations and expectations … Read More

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Acceptable Scope of a Non-Solicitation Clause: A Real-Life Example

For most employees, a non-solicitation clause should be all that is necessary if an employer is seeking to protect his/her business interests (clients) from employees who leave to a competitor. However, employers must be careful … Read More

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Q&A: Employment contracts and fundamental changes

I have an employment contract stating my work location to be downtown. I have been told however that I will now be working for a satellite office which is 20KM away.  This may not seem … Read More

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Employment contracts and their validity

There is the possibility that an employment contract may or may not hold up in Court.  This is why it is recommended that a legal professional review documents of this nature. Daniel Lublin, Toronto employment … Read More

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Your legal questions answered

Toronto Employment lawyer, Daniel Lublin hosted a live chat on the Globe and Mail’s Career section, where he answered reader’s legal questions regarding their employment law matters. These topics varied from terminations and severance packages, … Read More

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Teacher dismissed after 40 year-old risqué films discovered

Recently, 73 year-old Jacqueline Laurent Auger was dismissed from her place of employment at a Montreal prestigious private school, based on 40 year-old soft porn discovered by her students. This case is appealing in that … Read More

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Enforcing Written Employment Contracts

The manner in which an employment contract is written and the language employer’s use to deal with employee terminations can help ease the uncertainty with respect to how much it will cost to terminate an … Read More

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Will hiring contractors save your company money?

Often times, companies will consider hiring external contractors to reduce various costs and liabilities instead of hiring regular employees.  Having no objections to that and while paying less tax, contractors are content with this arrangement.  … Read More

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Be mindful of your social media presence

Employment lawyer, Daniel Lublin, addresses concerns about social media and the workplace Read More

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