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Wrongful Dismissal Lawyer Serving Ottawa

Do you live or work in Ottawa and recently lost your job without fair notice or severance.  Has your employer in Ottawa pressured you to sign a severance package that you disagree with?  Or, do the terms of your severance package deviate from the termination clauses in your employment contract?  If so, it is essential that you call our lawyers to get advice about your employment rights in Ottawa before you sign anything.

The courts recognize that employees need protection at the time of their dismissal and have stated in the landmark ruling Wallace v. United Grain Growers Ltd [1997] that employers “ought to be held to an obligation of good faith and fair dealing in the manner of dismissal”.

Our lawyers will ensure that, if you live in Ottawa, you are not pressured by your ex-employer to accept unfair terms or new, unfavourable terms that contravene your employment contract. Our lawyers will act expeditiously on your behalf to ensure that you are protected against ex-employers who act in bad faith.

If you were wrongfully dismissed and are looking for an employment lawyer to assist you in Ottawa contact us by phone at (866) 575-3055  or complete the online form to schedule a consultation.  We are located in the GTA and we can represent you in or around Ottawa.