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Workplace Harassment Toronto

Are you employed in Toronto and believe that you are the victim of workplace harassment? Workplace harassment includes verbal abuse, bullying, threats, and demeaning behaviour that cause hostile relationships with colleagues or management. It is essentially any form of conduct that is unwelcome. In Toronto, there is legislation that mandates that employers must take steps to protect workers against workplace harassment.

Workplace harassment is not always evident, but if you feel that you are working in a toxic environment in Toronto and are a victim of abusive and harassing behaviours, you have rights. Take steps to exercise them.

Our knowledgeable and experienced employment lawyers in Toronto will discuss your legal options and advise you on what steps we can take to remedy the harassment you have been facing or initiate legal action to claim damages. Contact Whitten & Lublin online or by phone at 416-640-2667 or 1 (866) 575-3055 to schedule your consultation.