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Workplace Harassment Lawyers Serving Hamilton

Unwelcome conduct by an employer or co-worker is a form of workplace harassment that is outlawed throughout Ontario, including in Hamilton. In many cases where employees have been offended, threatened, bullying or sexually harassed at work they have also faced other forms of harassment or adverse job-related consequences, such as demotion causing humiliation or unwarranted disciplinary action. Workplace harassment in Hamilton can detrimentally affect the victimized employee’s work environment making it difficult or impossible for them to continue performing their job.

If you live or work in Hamilton and your employer or a co-worker is harassing you, or if your employer in Hamilton fails to prevent or protect you from any harassing behaviours that you are experiencing because of a co-worker, it is in your interest to seek legal counsel and put an end to this form of abuse.

Employers have a legal duty to ensure the workplace remains a safe, harassment-free environment. The GTA based employment lawyers at Whitten & Lublin have experience and expertise when it comes to addressing claims of harassment or bullying in the workplace.  We can represent you in or around Hamilton.

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