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Non-Solicitation Agreement & Clause Toronto

A non-solicitation agreement or clause in Toronto is a contractual clause that tries to limit an employee who works or worked in the Toronto area from soliciting or taking business away from his or her former employer.

Non-solicitation clauses used by employers in Toronto can be difficult to enforce if the language of the clause is not properly drafted or if a court determines that the terms of the clause are unreasonable or unnecessary to protect the legitimate business interests of the employer.  Judges in Toronto can also choose to ignore these agreements when the restrictions imposed are too broad, vague or unreasonable given the position and duties of the former employee.

Whitten & Lublin Employment & Labour Lawyers is a Toronto-based law firm that focusses on workplace issues including the drafting of non-solicitation agreements for employers as well as defending employees in or around Toronto who are accused of violating this type of contract.  Our experienced lawyers can help draft, interpret, and defend claims of violating non-solicitation clauses.  If you are in Toronto and require immediate advice contact our Toronto office online or by phone at 416-640-2667 or 1 (866) 575-3055, today!