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Non-Solicitation Agreement & Clause Hamilton

Are you thinking of leaving your employer in Hamilton and hope to take your clients with you?  Sometimes you signed a contract that has a non-solicitation agreement or clause that could result in this behaviour leading to a legal action you.

A non-solicit clause is a contractual agreement stating that you agree not to contact or solicit clients or old colleagues following your departure.  When the enforceability of non-solicitation agreements becomes a question, the courts in Hamilton will scrutinize the reasonableness and necessity of placing limits on your post-employment activities. It is essential that any restriction be tailored to the duties of the employee, and the employer in Hamilton must have a legitimate business interest to establish these restrictions.  Language that is too broad or vague, or terms that are too restrictive in scope, geographic area and length of time that the restriction applies will not be upheld.

Thankfully, Whitten and Lublin Employment & Labour Lawyers is on your side.  We have represented countless individuals in Hamilton when it comes to drafting, interpreting, challenging and defending employment contracts containing non-solicitation clauses.

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