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Non-Solicitation Agreement & Clause Brampton

A non-solicitation clause is an agreement not to solicit your former colleagues or clients, following your departure from one employer.  Non-Solicitation agreements are quite common in employment contracts for employees in Brampton, but they are not always enforced.  If you live or work in Brampton, you may find yourself with a clause which appears to extend well-beyond when your employment ends, leaving you unable to find new work.

However, there are limits to what employers in Brampton can draft and enforce.  When these non-solicitation agreements are brought before the courts, an employee in Brampton can claim that the clause is unreasonable, unfair or otherwise void in an attempt to have it struck down.  This is where Whitten & Lublin Employment & Labour lawyers can help.  Our lawyers have interpreted, enforced and defended countless claims of violations of non-solicit clauses for employees and employers in the Brampton area.

If you live or work in Brampton and you are looking to have a lawyer with expertise review or even draft a non-solicitation agreement, then contact Whitten & Lublin today.  Consultations can be booked online or by calling 1 (866) 575-3055 or 416-640-2667.