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Significant Changes to the Employment Standards Act

The government recently announced major changes to the Employment Standards Act, 2000 (“Bill 148”), affecting most workplaces in Ontario. Employers must meet and implement new requirements regarding increased minimum wage, vacation time/pay, work scheduling rules and various job-protected absences from work for employees.
Preparing for these changes will require employers to carefully review and update their workplace policies, including employment contracts, payroll practices and scheduling procedures, to ensure that they meet their new obligations. Failing to comply with the new legislation will lead to significant liability, including penalties imposed by the Ontario, Ministry of Labour.

How we can help
If you are interested in learning more about the various changes to workplace law in Ontario prescribed by Bill 148, please contact our office. Our experienced employment lawyers in Ontario will ensure that you are brought up to speed on the new employment standards, including helping you to:

  • understand and implement the new employment standards in your workplace under Bill 148;
  • review and prepare employment contracts;
  • review policies to ensure compliance with changes to vacation pay, overtime pay, public holiday, work scheduling and leaves of absence; and

    • speaking at seminars and workshops.