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Class Action / Mass Terminations

Many employers engage in various tactics to reduce their workforce such as:

  • Large-scale restructuring;
  • Mass layoffs;
  • Group terminations; and/or
  • “Voluntary” pay cuts.

In many cases, these changes create situations that affect numerous employees in the same manner – giving rise to a potential class action or group employment law claim.

Whitten & Lublin can help you

At Whitten & Lublin Employment & Labour Lawyers we have provided representation in group employment law claims or mass wrongful dismissal actions, including overtime claims, group discrimination claims, group ageism claims and group termination claims. Our firm represented one of the largest group wrongful dismissal cases in Canadian history – and we won.

Read our employment law articles about Class Action/Mass Terminations for more information and our google reviews to see why our clients consistently refer our services to others and why we have been nationally recognized as one of the “Top Employment & Labour Law Firms in Canada, by Canadian Lawyer Magazine”.

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