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Constructive Dismissal Toronto

An employee in Toronto is constructively dismissed when the terms of his or her employment are changed in a significant and negative way. These changes must be implemented by an employer without the employee’s consent and they must be adverse to him or her. The types of changes that usually amount to constructive dismissal in Toronto include: changes to one’s place of work, reduction in an employee’s salary or commission structure, a demotion, harassment, bullying, modified work hours or changes to an employee’s reporting functions.

Where there is a reduction in compensation that negatively affects an employee, this may usually be enough to amount to a constructive dismissal. However, if there are no pay changes and an employee in Toronto believes that he or she is being demoted, it is important for him or her to show humiliation, as this is often an element required to justify a constructive dismissal claim.

If you are in Toronto and your employer has imposed downward changes to your job status you may have a claim for constructive dismissal. Whitten & Lublin Employment & Labour Lawyers in Toronto are able to review your situation and provide expertise when assessing whether you have been constructively dismissed. Our Toronto-based lawyers can either help you re-negotiate better terms to your employment contract or seek monetary compensation and damages on your behalf.

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