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Constructive Dismissal Lawyers Serving Ottawa

Employers in Ottawa, Ontario, including the federal government, have no right to unilaterally change an employee’s compensation or job responsibilities in any significant way. Similarly, if an employee in Ottawa is harassed or subjected to a poisoned work environment, he or she may be entitled to leave with pay. This is what is known as a constructive dismissal, which is essentially a demotion or termination in disguise, and in certain cases, employees in Ottawa are permitted to leave their jobs and pursue damages for maximum compensation for constructive dismissal.

If you live or work in Ottawa, whether for the federal government or otherwise, and have experienced significant workplace changes to your pay or position, including harassment and abuse, then call Whitten & Lublin’s Employment & Labour Lawyers. Our team of experienced lawyers are ready to assist you in seeking damages and manage all other legal matters related to your departure.

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