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Constructive Dismissal Lawyer Serving Mississauga

Are you an employee in Mississauga who has been subjected to reductions in your compensation and or responsibilities without your consent? If so, you may be entitled to damages for constructive dismissal, which is essentially a termination in disguise.

Whitten & Lublin’s Employment & Labour Lawyers provide expertise in workplace legal disputes and we can help employees in the Mississauga area negotiate improved terms, severance packages, or execute an effective exit strategy resulting in awards of compensation for lost wages and more.

If substantial changes to your job or compensation were made without your consent and you live or work in the Mississauga area, don’t take a chance with your case. Call the lawyers with expertise at Whitten & Lublin, by phone at (416) 640-2667 or (866) 575-3055 or fill out our consultation form, to schedule your consultation.