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Sexual Harassment

Why office romance can be such a tricky business

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29th Jul 2013

Office romance can be a tricky business. Whether it’s because of human nature, bad timing or just bad luck, the legal fallout from dating at work is back in the news, making headlines as corporate executives and government officials continue to roll the dice, losing or leaving their jobs because of a workplace relationship gone awry.

But office romances between consenting colleagues are not illegal, and there are no statutes or laws against dating anyone at work. So why is there a profound fear of legal liability, and when do employers and the courts have a right to intervene? more

17th Jul 2013

I have been ignoring the bullying that has happened to me for four-and-a-half years. It came to a halt when I was escorted out of the building like a common criminal. Then they terminated my five-and-a-half year employment, without cause. No one should be subjected to this kind of treatment. I have never had this happen to me before. This is a big black mark on my employment record. What would be my next steps? more

15th Jul 2013

I recently walked off a job after being sexually harassed. It was reported to my employer and a proper investigation was not conducted. Instead I was put on a shift I couldn’t work and eventually had to leave. The sexual harassment was actually a sexual assault. What are my legal options? Who do I report this to in order to get some action? more

25th Nov 2012

In Canadian workplaces today, sexual harassment is defined by a thin yellow line. Sexual innuendo that can easily be seen as harmless flirting to one employee, can just as easily be seen as an invitation to a lawsuit, to another. As sexual harassment is often in the eyes of the beholder, when will an employee’s inappropriate comments cost him his job? more

30th Sep 2012

Employment Law Basics: This is as true in law as it is in life. Here is a sampling of some of the questions I received this week and the cautionary advice I provided to those employees. more

Plant manager sacked for lewd behaviour

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Office romance is a tricky business. For Scott Hall, the Garden of Eden simply had too many forbidden fruits. Having been hired to manage logging company Boise Alljoist’s New Brunswick operations, forestry dynamo Scott Hall’s career had reached its peak. But life can be lonely at the top. For Hall, confusing office romance with leadership and management became more than a forbidden alliance – it was the recipe for disaster. more

Law now leans towards workers

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Except in extraordinary cases, employees facing slashed salaries, abusive bosses, demotions or material changes to their jobs used to be without a legal remedy.   The reality for most was to either leave, or lose, their job. But employers no longer get to act with legal impunity.  Now, equipped with the knowledge that they can sue for constructive dismissal damages, employees subjected to workplace changes turn to the courts. more

Things to look out for when finding and hiring the right employment lawyer for yourself. more

Every employer in Ontario has a legal obligation to provide a workplace free from harassment. This obligation extends to protecting you from harassing acts committed by other employees, management personnel, agents of the company, and clients or customers. Many times, both employees and employers are not clear about what their obligations are and what harassment in employment actually means. Furthermore, many people who have been subjected to harassing behaviour are not aware of what they can do to remedy the situation. more

Workplace abuse may have been obvious, but rarely did it amount to a paid vacation. Employees faced with a workplace abuser used to visit their doctor for a prescription or a note authorizing a leave of absence. Except in extraordinary cases, employees were bereft of a legal remedy, as courts had little appetite for walking into the workplace and ordering bosses to be nicer to their employees. The reality for most: either leave – or lose – your job. more