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Severance Packages

21st Sep 2018

When an employer wishes to terminate employment, the employee is entitled to a notice or pay in lieu, and a severance pay in certain instances. Depending upon various scenarios, the total severance package may vary … Read More

6th Sep 2018

Here is the recap of our live broadcast with Daniel Lublin answering questions about severance and other employment  law issues in the workplace.

7th Aug 2018

Employers must use progressive discipline before summarily dismissing an employee for misconduct, thereby not owing to the employee any severance payment. There is an exception, however, for acts of severe misconduct. Such misconduct must be … Read More

1st Aug 2018

Under the Employment Standards Act (ESA), employees have the right to 10 days of job protected time off for personal emergency leave (PEL). This includes leave for ‘urgent matters’ or illness, injury or medical emergency … Read More

26th Jun 2018

THE QUESTION My company recently let go of all the sales staff except me. In 12 years, I’ve always done new sales while a separate team concentrated on retaining customers. Since the layoff, they have … Read More

8th Jun 2018

It is important to avoid mistakes when administering a severance, as it may lead to further damages or compensation if challenged. When dismissing an employee for anything other than misconduct, employers owe at a minimum … Read More

30th May 2018

Under common law, employment agreements signed under duress will be void. This is favourable to employees, as upon separation employees may be entitled to larger severance packages than initially created by the terms of the … Read More

14th Mar 2018

Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, employees that are dismissed as a result of discrimination still have a duty to mitigate losses. Damages will partly be awarded as earnings lost based upon the time needed … Read More

27th Feb 2018

Minimum Entitlement Under Law The amount of severance pay an employee is owed when dismissed without misconduct varies between common law (judge-made law) and employment law. Employment legislation provides about a week of notice or … Read More

12th Dec 2017

When an employee is terminated, they are often owed a severance package unless the termination was a result of misconduct that justified a dismissal. Where the severance package contravenes minimal entitlements under the law, an … Read More