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Misrepresentation Made During the Course of Hiring: Long Term Benefits

Employers must make sure that personnel involved in the recruitment process accurately represent all conditions of employment. This not only includes salary, but any perks offered to employees such as benefits and long term disability … Read More

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Terminating an Employee who has Submitted an Extended Notice to Quit

Employees owe their employers a notice period when intending to quit, just as an employer owes an employee notice when seeking to terminate an employee. This ensures each party has time to adjust to changes … Read More

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Ending Fixed Term Contracts: Is a typical severance package sufficient

In the case of Howard v. Benson (2016), the Ontario Court of Appeals cleared up any uncertainty regarding employers ending fixed-term employment contracts prematurely. In the case, the court ruled that fixed-term employment contracts require … Read More

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Termination Clauses and Contracting Out: Clarity Given by Recent Ontario Appeals Court Ruling

Employment Standards Act Review: The Employment Standards Act (2000) grants employees minimal guarantees. In terms of termination, the Employment Standards Act (ESA) provides one week of notice or pay in lieu for every year of … Read More

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My Boss Made Significant Changes to My Employment

Drastic Changes to My Employment The concept of an employer making a change to a workers employment is not odd. It’s possibly more common than we think. The issue employees take is the extent and … Read More

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Q&A: Can an employer significantly reduce an employee’s pay?

QUESTION Employers are finding that under recent economic changes, the salary paid to employees may need to reflect this change by significantly reducing an employees pay to account for their budget. Employee’s on the other … Read More

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Q&A: Working through your severance entitlement?

QUESTION An employee’s entitlement to severance is to say the least, at the discretion of the employer. But this is not a point blank answer, as there are many factors that play into effect. Where … Read More

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The ‘genius’ class action lawsuit by the Canadian Hockey League

The lawsuit filed last week by the junior hockey players against the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) has been classified by Toronto employment lawyer, Daniel Lublin, as ‘genius’.  After all, it is the first case where … Read More

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Employment terminations

Employment terminations can be cruel, and finding a lawyer that suits your wallet, is intimidating.  All termination scenarios vary from employee to employee, and finding a lawyer to counsel you every step of the way … Read More

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Daniel Lublin on CTV News

 Daniel Lublin appeared on CTV News on Friday, March 22, 2013 to comment on the Supreme Court’s recent decisions in two high-profile class-action lawsuits regarding the issue of unpaid overtime. In those cases, the Supreme Court upheld the lower … Read More

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