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Frustration of Contract and Long Term Disability Benefits

Employers should be familiar with the concept of frustrated contracts in employment law. Frustration considers what the parties (employer and employee) could reasonably contemplate at the time the employment agreement was made. Put simply, when … Read More

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Can an employer impose a longer probationary period than 3 months?

It is common knowledge for employment probationary periods to last for three months from the commencement of the employment relation. Under minimal standards employment law (for example, the Employment Standards Act in Ontario), employers do … Read More

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Can a Non-Payment of a Bonus Trigger Constructive Dismissal?

In the case of bonus pay, would a disagreement over the entitlement, and subsequently a non-payment, be enough for an employee to claim constructive dismissal? When an employer changes an essential term of an employment … Read More

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Can an Employer Terminate an Employee Charged But Not Yet Convicted of a Criminal Offence?

An employer may be concerned about damaging their reputation by continuing to employ an individual that has been charged with a criminal offence. This may especially be the case if the employer is known to … Read More

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Employers beware of ‘Dependent’ Contractors

When an employer decides to hire for their business, they can recruit employees, independent contractors or dependent contractors.  Distinguishing the difference can be difficult, and noting the significant advantages and disadvantages can be tricky.  With … Read More

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Everything you need to know when it comes to termination

An employee’s right to protect themselves from termination of employment is reasonable. Daniel Lublin, Toronto Employment Lawyer offers some insight on this topic in his most recent Globe and Mail column. There are unfortunate incidents … Read More

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Follow the Rules for Termination

How to Follow the Rules for Termination There are a few key rules employers should follow when terminating their employees.  In his latest Globe and Mail video of a series regarding severance, Daniel Lublin explains … Read More

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Constructive dismissal defined

what is a constructive dismissal in workplace law and how should employees faced with workplace changes deal with their jobs. Read More

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Can you work for the competition?

By: Cédric P. Lamarche The upcoming G20 has spurred much talk about the large sums of money that the Canadian government is spending on the event.  Reports indicate that the Harper government plans on spending … Read More

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