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Ending Fixed Term Contracts: Is a typical severance package sufficient

In the case of Howard v. Benson (2016), the Ontario Court of Appeals cleared up any uncertainty regarding employers ending fixed-term employment contracts prematurely. In the case, the court ruled that fixed-term employment contracts require … Read More

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Terminated without notice: are discretionary bonuses part of the severance package?

Bonuses may make up a significant portion of pay for executives, senior managers, and other high skilled employees. Upon termination of the employment relation, notice or pay in lieu is meant to place an individual … Read More

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Constructive Dismissal in Ontario: What Qualifies and Do You Have A Case?

Very simply, a constructive dismissal is when an employer makes fundamental changes to an employee’s job that are unfavourable to the employee. The employee may resign and demand a severance package as though the employer … Read More

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Will you be getting severance or not?

When are employees entitled to severance and when are they not? This is one of the most common questions employees would like answered. In his latest video interview in the Globe and Mail, Daniel Lublin, … Read More

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My ex-employer refused to pay my severance! Can he do that?

Being laid off does not make it any easier for an employee to realize what his/her rights are or what next steps should be taken. Many employees believe severance packages are non-negotiable and that after their … Read More

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Signing a contract after your new job has already begun

How do you deal with a situation wherein an employee is told to sign a contract after his or her job has already started?  Can this contract be challenged without the risk of one loosing … Read More

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Court Upholds Magna’s Billion Dollar Decision

Is an uninformed shareholder vote enough to sustain a decision that will affect all of Ontario? Frank Stronach and his board of directors seem to think so. Read More

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‘Cascade of excuses’ for unreasonable firing

Janet Williamson, a health care worker at the Ritz Lutheran Villa, a retirement home in Mitchell, Ontario, was summoned to a meeting and told that if she took her vacation as planned, she would lose her job. Read More

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Case of mistaken retirement

How do you beat your ex-employer in court but ultimately collect little or no damages? Ask Leo Magnan. Magnan succeeded in proving that he was wrongfully dismissed but failed to collect the true value of … Read More

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