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Geographic Relocation and Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal is when an employer alters the fundamental conditions of the employment contract, which gives the employee little choice but to resign. Many employees do feel that relocation is constructive dismissal. The general rule … Read More

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Bullied employee-wanting to resign?

Too often we hear about bullied employee who is mistreated to such an extent that he/she feels the only recourse is to resign.  However, a forced resignation does not necessarily mean that this is true.  … Read More

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Without severance payment

Is it illegal for an employer to refuse to pay severance and under which circumstances can they do this?  What legal avenues are available and when do you need to consult with an expert?  In … Read More

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Councilor’s Indemnification Causes City-wide Insurrection

Whitehead sent and email to Free Flamborough chairman Roman Sarachman calling him a “destructive, mean-spirited, irrational liar that does not deserve the time of day”. Read More

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AMD Slow to Process Need for a New CEO

Whatever the reason for Meyer’s abnegation, AMD will face some difficult decisions in the months to come. With faith in their new product line wavering from Meyer’s departure, and years of catch-up due in the hand-held market, a drastic change will have to be made. Read More

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You Can’t Fire Me, I Quit! (But Can I Still Have Severance?)

Parmjit Gill was a machinist at A & D Precision Ltd, before he fired himself from his job. You’re probably asking, how? Read More

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Employment Law: Performance Plan’s may have to be accepted

Employees can sometimes lose sight of who was entitled to call the shots. While employees do retain certain rights, rejecting a reasonable performance improvement plan is usually a poor option. Read More

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Constructive Dismissal

Work responsibilities can change on a dime. Here is the cautionary tale of two employees who incorrectly assumed their employers had no right to change the terms of their jobs. Experiencing an enrolment crisis, Acadia … Read More

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Cross dressing judge ends quest to rescind resignation

Last February U.S. Judge Robert Somma was arrested and charged with driving while intoxicated. Clad in a women’s dress, stockings, and pumps, his arrest led to much media scrutiny. Two days after pleading no contest … Read More

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A hasty resignation can be costly

"We only part to meet again"– John Gay Seldom do employers bother to sue their ex-employees. But the tables are turned when a hasty resignation proves costly. Few have heard of a lawsuit for wrongful … Read More

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