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A Case of Employee Dishonesty Resulting in Termination

Where there is ‘just cause’ for termination an employer is not obligated provide an employee notice of termination or pay in lieu.  ‘Just cause’ means that the employee has done something wrong that deserves termination … Read More

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Employee Work Skeletons Can Harm Future Employment

Employees-beware of your work skeletons! Social media can be a good source for many things, even handy for employers to uncover employee work skeletons. Potential job candidates and employees need to be cautious about what … Read More

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Legal implications from 2014 workplace employment cases

Big employment cases from 2014 drew a good amount of attention to workplace law. Specifically, it demonstrated the legal implications to employees and employers.  To date, we continue to see the consequences of these fallouts. … Read More

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Publicly criticizing your employer – Is it considered misconduct?

Nothing is more public than expressing your work frustrations and criticizing your employer on social media sites and the internet.  This is not the smartest idea considering the workplace consequences and the potential damage to … Read More

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Failure to investigate alleged misconduct can be costly

It is not uncommon for employers to fire first and ask questions later, especially in instances of alleged employee misconduct. Stelcrete Industries Ltd., a rebar assembly plant in Welland, Ontario learned that impulsive actions can … Read More

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Will you be getting severance or not?

When are employees entitled to severance and when are they not? This is one of the most common questions employees would like answered. In his latest video interview in the Globe and Mail, Daniel Lublin, … Read More

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