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Are your Employment Contracts Illegal?

Employers often require their employees to sign employment contracts that limit the amount of notice of dismissal they are required to provide.  In most cases, the employer attempts to limit its obligation to the bare … Read More

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What age discrimination looks like in the workplace

“We do not want to invest in someone who will retire so soon.” “Perhaps you would benefit from working with people your own age.” “We prefer to maintain our youthful culture.” “We prefer to hire … Read More

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Important Internship Laws for Employers and Interns

In 2014, Ontario’s Ministry of Labour conducted an inspection blitz in connection with unpaid internships.  Of the 56 companies investigated, the Ministry issued 36 orders regarding non-compliance with the Employment Standards Act, 2000.  The inspection … Read More

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Your Legal Rights in Disability Insurance Disputes

An employee who becomes disabled, or otherwise becomes incapable of performing the essential functions of their job, and may be entitled to income replacement through the employer’s short-term and long-term disability insurance policies.  The process … Read More

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6 Things to Know About Non-Competition Clause

The non-competition clause, otherwise known as a ‘Non-Compete’, is typically an agreement between an employee and employer that prevents the employee from participating in a business that competes with the employer. Not all Non-Competes are … Read More

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