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Accepted Job Offer No Longer Available Days Prior to Start Date

When a job offer is made and signed by the candidate, a contractual obligation has been formed. The employee has agreed to provide services and the employer to provide compensation for services received. If the … Read More

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Serving Alcohol At Workplace Events: Employer Liabilities

It is not uncommon for employers to sponsor or hold workplace events with alcohol being served. An example may be a Christmas party either held at the workplace or at an event hall. Employers must … Read More

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What is Ethnic Discrimination in the Workplace?

Ethnic discrimination occurs when an employee is treated different than his or her colleagues based on their ethnicity in a manner that is unfair. A person’s ethnicity refers to the national, cultural or religious group(s) … Read More

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Dismissal for Poor Performance: Does an Employer Need to Provide Severance?

Only if there is just cause for termination, the employer may terminate the employee without severance pay. As an employer, it is very difficult to establish just cause for employee incompetence or poor performance. To … Read More

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Can a Non-Payment of a Bonus Trigger Constructive Dismissal?

In the case of bonus pay, would a disagreement over the entitlement, and subsequently a non-payment, be enough for an employee to claim constructive dismissal? When an employer changes an essential term of an employment … Read More

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Your Legal Rights After Maternity Leave is Over

Employers are usually obligated to reinstate an employee following a maternity leave.  The employee has the legal right to be returned to the position she held prior to the maternity leave, and if that position … Read More

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Key Things That Should Be Included In Your Employment Contracts

Written employment contracts are the backbone of most employment relationships in Ontario.  A good employment contract confirms all of an employee’s entitlements pursuant to the ESA, and, ideally, confirms that the employee will receive more.  … Read More

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What is Wrongful Dismissal and Are You a Victim?

A dismissal is wrongful if an employee has been terminated without adequate notice or fair payment in lieu of that notice. It is implied that a dismissed employee is entitled to “reasonable notice” of their … Read More

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Q&A: Working through your severance entitlement?

QUESTION An employee’s entitlement to severance is to say the least, at the discretion of the employer. But this is not a point blank answer, as there are many factors that play into effect. Where … Read More

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Addressing Legal Issues Related to Mental Health

The Mental Health of Employees at Work Addressing the legal issues related to the mental health of employees at work is one of the more perplexing issues facing employers in Canada. It is because of … Read More

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