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Workplace Harassment and Intentional Infliction of Nervous Shock Damages

When claiming the tort of intentional infliction of nervous shock against an individual, it must be proven that the act was intentional and that there was mental and/or physical suffering. It does not matter, however, … Read More

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Multi-National Company in Various Jurisdictions: Which Employment Laws Apply?

When a company has more than one location in jurisdictions with different employment legislation, typically the jurisdiction in which a particular employee works will also be the law that applies to their employment contract. This … Read More

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Discipline in the Workplace Explained

Often, discipline in the workplace is seen as punishment. However, discipline in the workplace is not intended to be punitive in most cases. Discipline in the workplace must follow two general guidelines: discipline must be … Read More

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Religious Beliefs and Accommodation: A Subjective Standard

In Canada, employers have a duty to accommodate employees to the point of undue hardship if a policy or practice has a discriminatory effect on an employee on the basis of religious beliefs. For instance, … Read More

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When is Domestic Violence an Issue of Workplace Health and Safety

It may not be well known, but there are instances where domestic violence is an issue of workplace health and safety. There is situation, therefore, where it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure an … Read More

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Know what you are owed past employment

It is standard to receive a notice when an employer wishes to end an employment relation. This notice must grant a reasonable amount of time for the employee to find a comparable job. Alternatively, the … Read More

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Health and Safety: Can a Corporation be held Criminally Negligent for the Conduct of Supervisors?

Upon other employer duties relevant to health and safety, the duty to provide competent supervisors may be the most important. An employer may have all the requirements of a safe workplace, however, having a supervisor … Read More

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Geographic Relocation and Constructive Dismissal

Constructive dismissal is when an employer alters the fundamental conditions of the employment contract, which gives the employee little choice but to resign. Many employees do feel that relocation is constructive dismissal. The general rule … Read More

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Employee Duty to Mitigate Damages After Being Terminated

Being terminated from employment can be an emotional and impassioned time but it is important that employees remain mindful of their duty to mitigate damages. This simply means that an employee must make the necessary … Read More

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Things a Leave of Absence Policy Must Include

Leave of absence policies are meant to provide employees with work-life balance and in certain circumstances, to give employees needed time away from work in urgent or compelling circumstances.  Some employers may also grants leaves … Read More

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