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Employment Insurance Requirements under 3 scenarios: Quitting, Dismissed for Cause, Dismissed Without Cause

Eligibility Requirements for Employment Insurance Paying into the Employment Insurance program is usually automatic, with regular deductions taken from you paycheque – individuals that are self-employed may choose to pay into EI. Further, you must … Read More

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Dismissal for Poor Performance: Does an Employer Need to Provide Severance?

Only if there is just cause for termination, the employer may terminate the employee without severance pay. As an employer, it is very difficult to establish just cause for employee incompetence or poor performance. To … Read More

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Q&A: Unjust Performance Review?

QUESTION  This concerns an unjust annual performance appraisal that will affect my salary. My manager is expecting me to sign or to contest, the bogus appraisal this week. Should I do that? What options do … Read More

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Drunkenly Crashing Company Vehicle Just Cause for Dismissing Long-Term Employee

Just Cause For Dismissing Long-Term Employee A senior employee with a previously spotless employment record was dismissed for cause after he got drunk at lunch and crashed a company vehicle on the drive back to … Read More

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