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Q&A: Is my non-compete agreement binding 15 years later?

QUESTION A contract is a document drafted by the employer and signed by their respective employee. It is up to the employee to review this document and, if in agreement with the content, the employee … Read More

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Q&A: Do you have the right to a harassment-free work environment?

QUESTION I have decided that my experience with my boss is in fact harassment and bullying. My performance is over managed, and performance reviews are used as a form of discipline, not coaching. I’m unjustly … Read More

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Fired from Your Job Based on Discriminatory Ground

QUESTION #3 I have been fired from my job because my employer told me I don’t fit into their culture. Is this illegal or a form of discrimination? ANSWER  Termination Without Cause Terminating you because … Read More

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Starbucks Addresses Homophobia Allegation

“In recent years, there have been many negative outcomes that come from emotionally-driven blog posts, tweets and status updates, but it may turn out that social media outlets can also be a source of accountability for corporations.” Read More

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“The workplace no longer has traditional borders”

Depending on the severity of the actions, Lublin says that employees could “end up surfing the classifieds for a criminal defence lawyer, as well as for a new job”.
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Employers are Watching Your Online Footprint

As social media continues to grow in popularity, the difference between conduct at home and at the office is becoming less clear. Read More

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Oil Sands Blogger Fired for Safety Concerns

It is a good idea to come up with fair procedures that address defamatory blogging sooner, rather than later. Read More

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