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Wrongful Dismissal

18th Jan 2017

You have questions about your wrongful termination, but how can you find a wrongful termination lawyer you can trust? Do your research.  Like all service-based industries, it pays to spend some time and effort researching … Read More

Being terminated from employment can be an emotional and impassioned time but it is important that employees remain mindful of their duty to mitigate damages. This simply means that an employee must make the necessary … Read More

20th Dec 2016

Employers may be found liable for the wrongful actions of their employees under certain conditions. The wrong must be tortious – this is a wrongful action that can be brought to civil court – which … Read More

20th Nov 2015

A dismissal is wrongful if an employee has been terminated without adequate notice or fair payment in lieu of that notice. It is implied that a dismissed employee is entitled to “reasonable notice” of their … Read More

25th May 2015

QUESTION #3 I have been fired from my job because my employer told me I don’t fit into their culture. Is this illegal or a form of discrimination? ANSWER  Termination Without Cause Terminating you because … Read More

18th Mar 2015

In light of the 2008 changes to the Human Rights Code (Code), it is possible for an employee to file a wrongful dismissal lawsuit and receive Human Rights damages without first appealing to the Ontario … Read More

30th Oct 2014

Too often we hear about bullied employee who is mistreated to such an extent that he/she feels the only recourse is to resign.  However, a forced resignation does not necessarily mean that this is true.  … Read More

29th Aug 2014

Securing your employment is something every employee wants and it is reasonable for an employee to want protection from being dismissed.  In the worst case scenario, employees want to know, what legal options do I … Read More

9th Apr 2014

A 2013 ruling in Wilson v. Solis Mexican Foods Ltd sets a new precedent, paving the way for employees to pursue human rights claims in court where the financial outcome can be largely unpredictable and … Read More

6th Sep 2013

Is it illegal for an employer to refuse to pay severance and under which circumstances can they do this?  What legal avenues are available and when do you need to consult with an expert?  In … Read More