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Valuable Assets

17th Apr 2017

For most employees, a non-solicitation clause should be all that is necessary if an employer is seeking to protect his/her business interests (clients) from employees who leave to a competitor. However, employers must be careful … Read More

11th Jan 2012

A dramatic shift is taking place in the technological world that has altered the environment in which lawyers operate.   Much like the dinosaurs, some people speculate that certain law firms may face extinction. What is … Read More

2nd Dec 2011

David Whitten, partner of Whitten and Lublin was recently quoted in a Toronto Star article by Morgan Campbell titled, “Too sexy for the cubicle”. The article explores a study published by University of Ottawa professor … Read More

15th Jul 2011

Whether you like it or not, employers are checking your web presence. They are “googling” your name, checking your LinkedIn account and depending on your privacy settings, finding out how drunk you got at the bar last Friday Read More

14th Dec 2010

With a hush on details regarding the settlement and the stolen data, gamers are wondering what kind of information was so important to Playdom and how large of a threat Disney might pose… Read More

19th Apr 2007

"Defending yesterday — that is, not innovating — is far more risky than making tomorrow" – Peter Drucker, management guru A well deserved thank you, to my industry friends Rob Hyndman and Kate Morgan, for … Read More