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Social Media

13th Nov 2017

Social media and privacy in employment law is an evolving and developing concept. The pervasiveness of the internet and the worldwide access to online content greatly diminish an individual’s expectation of privacy when posting online … Read More

16th Sep 2016

Social media has become the driving force of most workplaces.  Just a short time ago, it was barely on a company’s radar as a means of driving production or sales; it was commonly viewed as … Read More

28th Jan 2015

Big employment cases from 2014 drew a good amount of attention to workplace law. Specifically, it demonstrated the legal implications to employees and employers.  To date, we continue to see the consequences of these fallouts. … Read More

4th Nov 2014

An employee’s conduct at work and out of work can eventually lead to potential discipline or termination by their employer.  The role of the media is now, more than ever impacting the employment environment and … Read More

10th Jan 2014

Tweets Cause Woman to Fear for Her Safety A man was in court in Toronto yesterday who stands accused of criminal harassment via Twitter. A woman alleges that the man sent her sexual messages via … Read More

3rd Dec 2013

Concerns About Privacy in the Workplace In this new digital age, concerns about privacy in the workplace are becoming increasingly important. Since privacy legislations in several Canadian jurisdictions are similar, although not an Ontario decision, … Read More

16th Oct 2013

Employee Posting Inappropriate Requests on Twitter Sunith Baheerathan was fired from a Toronto area Mr. Lube after it came to his employer’s attention that he had posted to Twitter, while he was working, requesting that … Read More

1st Oct 2013

Widespread Mobile Communication  Mobile communication in the workplace is already widespread, and its use is increasing.  Many employers give their employees smartphones, and many expect prompt responsiveness from their employees when they email, call or … Read More

19th Apr 2013

Daniel Lublin in the Globe & Mail\’s Google video hangout

12th Apr 2013

  Daniel Lublin was again asked for his opinion on the situation surrounding RBC and recent apology to its workers affected by the outsourcing. The Toronto Star published this story and Daniel’s interview on their front page. His … Read More