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Privacy Issues

25th Sep 2017

For employees, a fiduciary relationship exists where the employee is in a position to cause the employer damage due to the duties of employment. This is not limited to senior managers or executive – a … Read More

4th Aug 2017

Under human rights law, individuals that suffer from addiction are protected under prohibited grounds of discrimination. For this reason, any policy that has an adverse effect on employees with addictions will have to be a … Read More

28th Jul 2016

Employee monitoring software serves one primary purpose: to make sure employees are doing what they are supposed to.  It can be installed on computers and other devices and can track an incredible amount of information. … Read More

4th Dec 2014

Are recording conversations at work legal or illegal? Employees and employers alike have raised this question and it is usually not a simple answer. The workplace is an environment where disputes can arise, and when they … Read More

23rd Sep 2014

A termination of employment can give rise to a number of factors that can cause frustration. Whether you are a long term or short term employee, you may or may not decide to save your … Read More

15th Aug 2014

Every employee is entitled to be protected and accommodated according to the law, based on certain grounds.  Two grounds for discrimination leave employees wondering what their legal rights are; age discrimination and sick leave based … Read More

28th Jul 2014

Most often young graduates will list their names with a recruitment agency in hopes of finding employment opportunities faster than searching on their own. However, time goes by and after a period of unemployment, you … Read More

3rd Dec 2013

Concerns About Privacy in the Workplace In this new digital age, concerns about privacy in the workplace are becoming increasingly important. Since privacy legislations in several Canadian jurisdictions are similar, although not an Ontario decision, … Read More

5th Nov 2013

Looking at a Settlement Agreement When there’s been a settlement agreement between an employer and employee, there’s often a confidentiality clause inserted into the agreement.  Confidentiality clauses generally restrict the employer or employee from discussing … Read More

9th Aug 2013

There are all sorts of dating websites out there that might shock you.  Ones exclusively for millionaires, ones where people will pay tuition in exchange for a relationship, and ones like, where membership is exclusively … Read More