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In the Media

24th Jun 2015

Termination Due to Off-Duty Conduct The vulgar, off-duty conduct of Hydro One employee, Shawn Simoes, has brought concern for many employees. After all, it’s not often that an employee is terminated by their employer for … Read More

28th Jan 2015

Big employment cases from 2014 drew a good amount of attention to workplace law. Specifically, it demonstrated the legal implications to employees and employers.  To date, we continue to see the consequences of these fallouts. … Read More

22nd Jan 2015

Recent events have caused mass layoffs of various employees, including Target, Suncor and SNC-Lavalin.  Employees affected are in the hundreds. Not knowing where to turn, most people resort to google searches. However, an internet search … Read More

22nd Oct 2014

Recently, 73 year-old Jacqueline Laurent Auger was dismissed from her place of employment at a Montreal prestigious private school, based on 40 year-old soft porn discovered by her students. This case is appealing in that … Read More

21st Oct 2014

The lawsuit filed last week by the junior hockey players against the Canadian Hockey League (CHL) has been classified by Toronto employment lawyer, Daniel Lublin, as ‘genius’.  After all, it is the first case where … Read More

21st Jan 2014

Do you have any questions regarding severance, termination packages, or any other legal questions regarding employment law? Today, at noon Daniel Lublin will be online in the Globe and Mail answering your workplace law questions. … Read More

8th Jan 2014

Employee Shortages Due to Illness Each year during flu season, many businesses experience shortages when their employees miss work to stay home to take care of themselves or their children. Unfortunately, for many different reasons, … Read More

12th Dec 2013

Kate MacNamara, CBC’s Business Columnist, shared Daniel Lublin’s tips for lawsuit-free corporate holiday parties during radio interviews across the country. One of them can be listened to here. Kate MacNamara-CBC Radio

30th Oct 2013

QUESTION Another major retailer, Sears Canada has just announced the closing of their most important location downtown Toronto and 4 others across the country. Close to 1000 employees will be affected, however Sears states they … Read More

16th Oct 2013

Employee Posting Inappropriate Requests on Twitter Sunith Baheerathan was fired from a Toronto area Mr. Lube after it came to his employer’s attention that he had posted to Twitter, while he was working, requesting that … Read More