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Harassment in the Workplace

1st Oct 2017

It is not uncommon for employers to sponsor or hold workplace events with alcohol being served. An example may be a Christmas party either held at the workplace or at an event hall. Employers must … Read More

26th Sep 2017

Question: I am being bullied at work by my boss. What do I do?  She yells at me daily. She has asked me things like; can you read? Are you deaf? Are you dyslexic? Do you … Read More

18th Sep 2017

Ethnic discrimination occurs when an employee is treated different than his or her colleagues based on their ethnicity in a manner that is unfair. A person’s ethnicity refers to the national, cultural or religious group(s) … Read More

It is exceedingly important that businesses have clear policies and procedures in place to address workplace violence, which comply with the statutes that govern workplace violence – including the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act.  … Read More

1st Aug 2017

It may not be well known, but there are instances where domestic violence is an issue of workplace health and safety. There is situation, therefore, where it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure an … Read More

20th Jun 2017

It may be commonly perceived that unacceptable conduct in relation the workplace only extends as far as the physical workplace or workplace events. Although questionable in certain circumstances, when the misconduct involves sexual harassment and … Read More

15th May 2017

When an employee is in a supervisory role and there is adequate evidence that the individual engaged in acts of sexual harassment towards other employees, then the employer’s obligation to its workers leaves limited options. … Read More

27th Apr 2017

Disability and Human Rights Law in the Workplace: Employees have the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of discriminatory grounds, which includes Illness or disability. If an employee is faced with an … Read More

6th Mar 2017

If an employer has a workplace policy that restricts or prohibits the use of medicinal marijuana this could in effect be grounds for discrimination under human rights law. Although the policy may not explicitly target … Read More

11th Jan 2017

“We do not want to invest in someone who will retire so soon.” “Perhaps you would benefit from working with people your own age.” “We prefer to maintain our youthful culture.” “We prefer to hire … Read More