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Employment Contracts

17th Jan 2018

Under the law, independent contractors are not covered under employment law as they are not bound to a particular employer. Rather, they are seen as more powerful than dependent contractors or employees, with more leverage … Read More

12th Jan 2018

Being characterized as an employee rather than an independent contractor establishes certain obligations of the employer. Most notably, employment standards legislation would govern an employment relation, meaning that, as an employee in Canada, entitlements such … Read More

Question:  I have personal pictures on my work phone as well as personal pic and files on my old work computer.  During my exit interview I informed my employer that I need this data back … Read More

18th Dec 2017

Usually, an employer may choose to terminate an employee by providing ‘reasonable notice’ of termination or payment in lieu equivalent to earning that would have been paid during the notice period. This is the case … Read More

An employer may be justified in terminating an employee without notice for failing to obey an order in certain circumstances. The order must be unambiguous and connected to a legitimate workplace purpose, and the employer … Read More

12th Dec 2017

Employers must make sure that personnel involved in the recruitment process accurately represent all conditions of employment. This not only includes salary, but any perks offered to employees such as benefits and long term disability … Read More

8th Dec 2017

The primary purpose of a non-solicitation clause in a contract of employment is to protect the employer from having its customers, clients, suppliers, or employees poached by a departing employee. Without a non-solicitation clause in … Read More

29th Nov 2017

When a job offer is made and signed by the candidate, a contractual obligation has been formed. The employee has agreed to provide services and the employer to provide compensation for services received. If the … Read More

13th Nov 2017

Social media and privacy in employment law is an evolving and developing concept. The pervasiveness of the internet and the worldwide access to online content greatly diminish an individual’s expectation of privacy when posting online … Read More

7th Nov 2017

Employers may have their recruiters aggressively pursue highly skilled employees, as this can greatly aid in the success of an organization. This includes making promises in order to entice allure the candidate to accept the … Read More