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Discrimination in the Workplace

7th Jun 2017

Employers must treat criminal record checks similarly to other protected grounds of discrimination such as race, religion and so forth. A criminal conviction for which a person has been pardoned is a protected ground of … Read More

3rd May 2017

Under human rights law, an employer must accommodate an employee if a workplace policy or job requirement effectively discriminates against an employee on a prohibited ground.  The most common grounds of discrimination within the workplace … Read More

27th Apr 2017

Disability and Human Rights Law in the Workplace: Employees have the right to be free from discrimination on the basis of discriminatory grounds, which includes Illness or disability. If an employee is faced with an … Read More

13th Mar 2017

Medical marijuana may be prescribed for several medical reasons. Under human rights law in Ontario, workers have a right not to be discriminated against on the grounds of ‘disability’ which encompasses illness. The use of … Read More

6th Mar 2017

If an employer has a workplace policy that restricts or prohibits the use of medicinal marijuana this could in effect be grounds for discrimination under human rights law. Although the policy may not explicitly target … Read More

11th Jan 2017

“We do not want to invest in someone who will retire so soon.” “Perhaps you would benefit from working with people your own age.” “We prefer to maintain our youthful culture.” “We prefer to hire … Read More

12th Dec 2016

A hostile work environment is created when an employer or colleague behaves in such a way that it is difficult or impossible for an employee to continue working. A hostile work environment is often considered … Read More

17th Nov 2016

Bullying was unacceptable when you were a kid on the playground.  It is no different that you are adult in the workplace.  Whether it is your co-worker or your boss, it is not allowed.  If … Read More

8th Sep 2016

In 2014, Ontario’s Ministry of Labour conducted an inspection blitz in connection with unpaid internships.  Of the 56 companies investigated, the Ministry issued 36 orders regarding non-compliance with the Employment Standards Act, 2000.  The inspection … Read More

23rd Aug 2016

Accommodating mental illness is an extremely complex area for employers to navigate.  Unlike physical disabilities, the need for a mental health accommodation is often difficult to detect, and the employee’s medical prognosis can often be … Read More