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Employment Law Articles

18th Apr 2018

Human Rights law protects individuals in a workplace setting from being discriminated against on the basis of illness/disability. This applies whether the policy or practice overtly discriminates against an employee or has an unintentional discriminatory … Read More

10th Apr 2018

A reference from a past employer can turn out to be the determining factor of whether a candidate lands a job he/she strongly desires. It is a way for recruiters to gain insights into potential … Read More

5th Apr 2018

Under human rights law, every person has a right to be free from discrimination on the basis of prohibited grounds. These grounds often include race, gender, sex, creed, religion, age, illness, disability family status, and … Read More

3rd Apr 2018

The law in Ontario regarding “equal pay for equal work” protections was recently changed, resulting in important implications for both employees and employers. What’s the New Law? As of April 1, 2018, employers must pay … Read More

21st Mar 2018

The Canada Labour Code (The Code) applies to employees working within federally regulated industries. This includes industries such as telecommunications, forestry, mining, air transport and more. Under The Code, employers can only terminate an employee … Read More

16th Mar 2018

Domestic workers are individuals hired in a private household by householders to assist and/or supervise individuals such as children, elderly, disabled persons, or provide housekeeping services. Householders include individuals that own or rent a house. … Read More

14th Mar 2018

Under the Employment Standards Act (2000) in Ontario, employees are entitled to 10 Personal Emergency Leave (PEL) days. This is not new; however, as of January 2018, employers must provide payment for the initial first … Read More

Under the Ontario Human Rights Code, employees that are dismissed as a result of discrimination still have a duty to mitigate losses. Damages will partly be awarded as earnings lost based upon the time needed … Read More

13th Mar 2018

Under human rights law, pregnancy is a protected ground of discrimination under sex/gender. This means that an employer cannot legally terminate an employee because they are pregnant. However, this does not mean that a pregnant … Read More

5th Mar 2018

The workplace in Ontario is governed by many pieces of legislation. Without a Human Resource department dedicated to ensuring the workplace is in compliance with all regulations, employers run a risk of violating some simple … Read More