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Employment Law Articles

15th Aug 2018

When an employee is dismissed for just cause, this means that the dismissal is justified due to misconduct. In such instances, an employee would not be entitled to notice pay, which is the amount that … Read More

9th Aug 2018

Under the Employment Standards Act (ESA), employees are entitled to 10 personal emergency leave (PEL) days per year (the first 2 days must be with no loss of pay) for qualified urgent matters. Employers are … Read More

During the summer months, it is important that workers required to work outside or in confined spaces with poor ventilation are provided reasonable measures to prevent heat-related illness. This is especially the case for workers … Read More

7th Aug 2018

Employers must use progressive discipline before summarily dismissing an employee for misconduct, thereby not owing to the employee any severance payment. There is an exception, however, for acts of severe misconduct. Such misconduct must be … Read More

1st Aug 2018

Under the Employment Standards Act (ESA), employees have the right to 10 days of job protected time off for personal emergency leave (PEL). This includes leave for ‘urgent matters’ or illness, injury or medical emergency … Read More

5th Jul 2018

The main effect of termination clauses is to limit a possible much greater notice payment at common law, which is why rigorous standards have been enforced by the courts as of late. Over the past … Read More

27th Jun 2018

If an employee feels that they have been wronged according to the Employment Standards Act (ESA), they may report this to the Ministry of Labour (MOL). Ensuring an investigation, the MOL will appoint an Employment … Read More

26th Jun 2018

THE QUESTION My company recently let go of all the sales staff except me. In 12 years, I’ve always done new sales while a separate team concentrated on retaining customers. Since the layoff, they have … Read More

14th Jun 2018

Ontario’s Pay Transparency Act, 2018 will become effective on January 1, 2019.  The law will apply to all provincially-regulated employers in Ontario and create the following new rules: All employers’ publicly advertised job postings must … Read More

13th Jun 2018

Companies offering strictly freight-forwarding services on a national basis serve to organize shipment countrywide by using modes of transportation that are not owned by the company themselves. Such companies simply coordinate the shipments of their … Read More