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Employment Law Articles

3rd Dec 2018

An employee has an expectation of privacy, but all this is within reasonable limits. What an employer is entitled to know and ask will vary according to the situation. In general, if circumstances are impacting … Read More

25th Oct 2018

Workplace harassment can poison a victim’s work environment. This is why it is important, not only for victims to report harassment but also for there to be confidence in the corrective measures in place. Knowing … Read More

22nd Oct 2018

In Ontario, most workplaces are regulated by the Ontario Employment Standards Act (2000), which sets break times in the workplace, among many other things. The only break guaranteed to employees under the Employment Standards Act … Read More

Most workplaces in Ontario are covered under the Ontario Employment Standards Act (2000), which contains provisions about vacation and vacation pay. For workplaces covered under the Employment Standards Act (ESA), workers with less than 5 … Read More

5th Oct 2018

Marijuana in the workplace can be broken down into two categories. Recreational use and medicinal use. Recreational use: Workers should expect the same rules to apply for marijuana in the workplace with regards to recreational … Read More

25th Sep 2018

The #MeToo movement has attracted considerable attention to sexual harassment in the workplace, especially the power dynamics inherent when a superior makes an advance towards a junior employee. Workplace sexual harassment, as defined by the … Read More

21st Sep 2018

When an employer wishes to terminate employment, the employee is entitled to a notice or pay in lieu, and a severance pay in certain instances. Depending upon various scenarios, the total severance package may vary … Read More

17th Sep 2018

Being involved in a conflict of interest within an employment relation is grounds for dismissal. This is because an employee has an implied duty of loyalty and good faith when providing service so that the … Read More

If a court were to analyze any terms of the employment contract in a case for damages, the court would seek to determine whether the contract was enforceable. One key question asked during this analysis … Read More

10th Sep 2018

Due Diligence is a legal defence against charges under the Health and Safety laws. Due diligence means that an employer has taken every reasonable precaution and measure in the circumstances to prevent or limit the … Read More