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Labour & Employment Lawyers Sudbury

Are you looking for an employment and labour lawyer in Sudbury, Ontario to assist you with a workplace related matter?

Beware of who you hire to represent your legal claim. Just because a lawyer can practice law it does not mean they have equal knowledge in employment and labour law.  Employment and labour law is a specific area of practice that not many lawyers can honestly say they know well or practice regularly. While they may have important research skills that are required of a lawyer they may not be competent to provide legal advice or follow procedural rules when handling a workplace dispute.

Whitten and Lublin Employment & Labour Lawyers Sudbury specializes in workplace law. Our practice only accepts workplace disputes and we are proficient at representing clients who:

  • have been terminated with or without cause;
  • are negotiating employment or termination contracts;
  • are involved in a workplace harassment situation,
  • are encountering post-employment disputes, and more

Our experienced lawyers are patient and considerate and work to resolve their clients’ case in a manner that best serves the clients’ goals and interests.  We are strong and effective advocates for our clients, and we do our best to delve in to the facts and investigate their situation to bolster our legal claims and avoid making careless mistakes that inexperienced and less thorough lawyers tend to repeat. 

We are very strategic in how we approach our clients’ case, which often enables us to minimize damage on our clients’ behalf and helps to justify greater compensation than the opposing side originally thought possible.

If you are looking to hire a trusted, competent law firm Whitten and Lublin Sudbury is here for you. Contact our firm today by completing our online consultation form or call us at 1 (866) 575-3055 or (416) 640-2667.