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Labour & Employment Law advice in Lindsay

Have you left your job to start your own business or to join a company that competes with your former employer in Lindsay, Ontario? Has your former employer initiated a lawsuit against you in response to your actions? Are they claiming you have violated your non-compete and non-solicitation agreement? Are you owed money from your former employer?

If you are having a legal dispute with your employer and you live or work in Lindsay, considering hiring Whitten & Lublin, Employment & Labour Lawyers to assist you. Our lawyers work across Ontario and can provide you with legal advice and representation for any dispute in Lindsay.

Not every lawyer is well-suited to handle employment law disputes because these disputes are treated differently under the law than other types of commercial matters. Whitten and Lublin, only handles employment and labour law matters and we have represented various clients for matters in or around Lindsay.

Whitten and Lublin handles wrongful dismissal claims, severance packages, workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying, constructive dismissals, forced resignations and more.

If you have an employment and labour matter in Lindsay, then contact our experienced team of leading lawyers by calling 1 (866) 575-3055 or 416-640-2667