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Labour & Employment Lawyers Aurora

Are you located in Aurora, Ontario and were you fired because your employer disapproved of your personal decisions and conduct that occurred outside of work?  Were you terminated and after the event your employer learned of some misconduct that you were allegedly involved in and they are now using this information against you to avoid paying you your statutory entitlements?  Did you receive an employment contract or release and do you require a lawyer to help you understand the implications of consenting to the terms of your contract or legal advice to help you negotiate any terms?

Whitten and Lublin’s lawyers in Aurora, Ontario have represented countless clients on a myriad of employment and labour law matters. We have expertise in this area of law. Our lawyers make a concerted effort to educate our clients on their legal rights and entitlements, their former employer’s obligations and the legal ramifications and benefits that can be expected if you protect your rights from the onset of your employment relationship or by initiating or responding to a lawsuit.

If you are in doubt about pursuing legal action take a moment to read our clients’ testimonials to learn more about the quality of our law firm, clients’ experiences of having gone through the legal process with us, and the results we achieved for them.

If you have a workplace dispute and would like professional advice and support Whitten and Lublin Aurora can help you too.  Contact us today at 1 (866) 575-3055 or (416) 640-2667 or complete our online consultation form.