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Gareth Price


Many workplace lawyers claim they go to court.  However, most of them are primarily negotiators first, and litigators only when necessary.  This is where Gareth Price is far different than his peers.

If you need a workplace lawyer with real courtroom experience, Gareth Price offers that skill.  Gareth was a Barrister in the United Kingdom for nearly 8 years where he worked at Parklane Plowden, a premiere advocacy chambers based in Leeds and Newcastle.  Gareth also gained experience in the commercial litigation department of one of Canada’s best-known law firms.

The legal system in the UK is different than in Canada.  If you are a Barrister in the UK, your job is to take cases to and through trial.  There are only a handful of lawyers in Canada that can stake claim to this distinction.  Gareth is one of them.

Gareth graduated at the top of his class at law school and has an LL.M. from McGill University, which is recognized as one of Canada’s premiere law school programs.  Gareth was also a Fox Scholar, which is a prestigious opportunity awarded to only two candidates each year, providing him with the opportunity to train at the Inns of Court in London, England where he received tutelage from leading barristers and judiciary in the UK.

Gareth’s peers and past clients have described him as exercising shrewd judgment and a tenacious wit in the courtroom.

Gareth knows that legal matters are rarely straightforward. He approaches his work recognizing that the issues involved are sensitive and stressful for his clients. Consequently, he aims to provide effective, efficient and practical advice that achieves the best outcome for the client.

As a long-suffering supporter of Sheffield Wednesday (a football, not ‘soccer’ club), he has learned how to take and, more importantly, respond to setbacks. Dealing with problems and complications in client matters is part of the job. Gareth offers representation that is alive to these concerns.

Gareth is pleased to assist with your workplace legal disputes.  He can be reached at gareth@whittenlublin.com.