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Reviews For Ellen Low

Sharon Strome-Hubble
Sharon Strome-Hubble
April 28, 2017

Walking into Ellen Low's office of Whitten & Lublin was the best decision I made in 2016. She provided options and a final settlement that I never imagined would be possible.

Marsha Hollinshead
Marsha Hollinshead
April 12, 2017

Whitten & Lublin law firm was recommended to me when I was terminated after 12 years. From the first phone call to the firm I was treated with the utmost respect. I was given the various hourly rates of the lawyers and help with how to decide which lawyer to choose, depending on the circumstances of my situation. I chose Ellen Low to help me with my termination package and was given an appointment the following day . An email was sent immediately with details on what documents to send ahead of time for Ellen's review prior to our appointment. She was very personable , extremely knowledgeable and professional and I felt that I could relate to her immediately. She reviewed my package and gave her honest opinion of it. She presented me with all my options if I chose to fight it and I was made aware of any charges that I might incur with each option. Over the next few days she very patiently and promptly answered any questions I sent to her via email. I now realize how important it is to have a lawyer go over any employment offer before signing for a new position and will most likely do this for my next offer. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in a similar situation. Thank you Ellen Low!

Scott Gilbert
Scott Gilbert
July 21, 2015

Previous to signing onto a new job, I had a friend and lawyer review my new agreement. He brought up some general considerations and a few recommendations. The most valuable piece of advice he gave me was to meet with a lawyer that specialized in employment. He recommended Ellen Low. Meeting with Ellen was the best professional decision of my life to date. Ellen is incredible professional, thorough, had a many recommendation regarding the existing (and outdated contract), but also counselled me on points for negotiation. The 2 hour meeting with Ellen amounted to a 35% increase in pay during negotiations in-which both parties were happy. Also, all of Ellen's contract suggestions have now been taken and applied to the previously outdated contracts for all new employee at the company. Great advice and counsel from Ellen was the best return on investment I could have hoped for. Thank you Ellen!

Charlene Reekie
Charlene Reekie
November 26, 2014

I was recently let go from my job after 15 years, I was upset and not sure what to do...then I contacted Ellen Low and she took it from there. She was very sympathetic but professional at the same time. She put me at ease and I left my worries in her hand. She was always there to answer questions and make sure I understood my rights. I would recommend her to anyone that asks.

Thank you Ellen!!


Julie G
Julie G
October 24, 2014

After being laid off under somewhat suspect circumstances, I wanted to seek legal counsel to find out if any recourse was available to me.

Ellen Low was recommended to me by a colleague and friend -- and thank goodness for that referral, since it saved me from having to scour the city for right lawyer. Even before our consultation ended, I knew Ellen would achieve the results I wanted. Her knowledge is solid -- she was incredibly comprehensive in her explanation of the issues she identified in the circumstances of my layoff, and she provided me with a detailed delineation of what options were available to me and her opinion on which route would be best to take.

Once I officially retained her services, it was full steam ahead; Ellen drafted a very persuasive letter to my former employer in just a couple of days. She kept me in the loop throughout the entire negotiation process and answered all of my questions at lightning speed. Ultimately, my re-negotiated severance package was almost double the amount I initially thought I could receive. Such an exceptional outcome wouldn't have been possible without Ellen. To top it all off, she is so personable and accommodating. I would recommend her to anyone in an employment-related predicament not only for her proven results and expertise, but also because in the midst of the stress and confusion that such issues create, you want someone truly supportive like Ellen in your corner.

Thanks for everything, Ellen!

Ryan Hildebrandt
Ryan Hildebrandt
May 16, 2014

I was initially pretty worried about this call, having never talked to a lawyer before for employment reasons. The team at Whitten & Lublin were very prompt in getting an appointment scheduled, following up, managing expectations about what the call would be about, and ensuring I knew what to send over to them to make sure the call with Ellen Low was as productive as possible.

Ellen did a great job in explaining the legal principles involved for my case, in language that I could understand. She didn't talk down to me, nor did she launch into really technical jargon either. Ellen was highly recommended by a friend of mine, and I'd happily pass on the same recommendation to others.

Christine Chudyk
Christine Chudyk
May 15, 2014

I highly recommend Ellen Low. She is professional, intelligent and personable to work with. I had recently Ellen's services to assist me in negotiating a better severance package with my former employer. From the moment I met her, I knew that I was in good hands. She explained the entire process and kept me informed the entire time. Ellen is definitely someone you want in your corner.

Thank you Ellen!

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Peter Jensen
November 20, 2013

I was introduced to Ellen Low by a mutual associate and am very grateful for the connection.

I met with Ellen shortly after our initial correspondence and found her to be knowledgeable, forthright, sympathetic and personable. She provided me with a number of options with concise thoughts on each and made decision-making regarding next steps and a plan of action clear and straightforward.

The entire process took some time but at no fault of Ellen’s. She follows through quickly and she’s tough. In the end, I reached a settlement that I know I could not have achieved without her.

In looking for a lawyer, obviously, you want a killer on your side. Professionally, Ellen’s exceptional at her job, without doubt. But I’m not sure if that’s at the heart of why I would recommend her.

There’s a certain amount of emotional wear and tear you go through. Looking back, I think it’s important to feel like you’ve got somebody on your side, a real partner.

Ellen’s got your back - and you know it at every step. That’s why I’m writing this recommendation. Retain her services and you’ll see firsthand.